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This option includes both keepsake and encapsulation, which includes:

  • Placenta encapsulation using either Traditional Chinese or Raw preparation method
  • Placenta tincture
  • Placenta print with color palette of choice or natural*
  • Umbilical cord keepsake painted color of choice or natural.


Traditional Chinese Method: the placenta is steamed using ginger and herbs, then dehydrated, ground into a powder and encapsulated. 

  • This method is considered "safest" due to the likelihood of steam to kill any bacteria and it also increases the availability of the placenta's nutrients.  However, steaming also causes the placenta to "shrink" slightly and may decrease the number of capsules at the end of the process.


Raw Method: this method leaves out the steaming step and goes straight to dehydration and encapsulation.

  • Because this method does not utilize steam, it has not been proven to kill all bloodborne pathogens.  If you wish to have your placenta encapsulated using the raw method, you will simply have to acknowledge this on the contract.

*Because this option includes encapsulation, colors will be acheived using only natural food coloring and may not be as vibrant as with paint or ink.  This is to ensure safety of ingestion.

Deluxe Placenta Encapsulation & Keepsake Bundle

  • The safety and efficacy of placenta encapsulation have not been evaluated or endorsed by the United States Food & Drug Administration.  The Raw method of placenta encapsulation has not demonstrated the ability to kill all bloodborne plathogens and will be utlized only upon written acknowledgement of this fact.

    If utilizing the Traditional Chinese method, please disclose any allergies, particularly to herbs, roots (such as ginger), or fruits.

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