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Free Consultation

Contact Me Today to Book An Initial Interview

The initial interview is an opportunity for an open discussion about birth philosophies, background & experience, and to ask & answer questions. It allows us both to discover whether we will be a good fit for your prenatal, labor & birth support goals. 

This visit can be in-person at the location of your choosing or virtual.  I block out a minimum of an hour for the consultation but have had interviews go much longer or end sooner. I believe that part of getting to know one another is allowing the discussion to unfold naturally and for however long that may take.

Questions to Ask A Doula:

My education, experience & training.

The types of birth I support (vaginal, cesarean, VBAC, etc.).

Locations where I provide support (home, hospital, birth center, etc.).

Number of births attended, types & locations.

Special skills, certifications & additional services (lactation support, childbirth ed)

The birth philosophy that guides my practice and my reasons for serving as a doula.

Questions A Doula Will Ask You:

What led you to seek doula support & how you found my practice.

If this is your first pregnancy, if you have other children, and a brief history of your experiences with labor & birth.

Where you plan to give birth & who you have chosen for support (partner, family member, friend).

Your chosen caregiver

Your birth philosophy, any birth planning you have done, and your vision for comfort management in labor.

To request a free consultation, please complete the intake form below and schedule your free 60-minute appointment!

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