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Client Testimonials


Unassisted Home Birth, Mama of 4
Rawlins WY, January 2022

"I cannot express how grateful I am to have connected with Jacque. Her support and encouragement of our free birth for our fourth baby were exactly what we needed. When I called her in transition, she reminded me that I could do this and that I knew I could; she gave me exactly what I needed in that moment of hesitation to allow my mind and body to surrender to birth and our baby was born an hour and a half later. She truly puts her clients first and is the definition of a sacred birth keeper. She recognizes the holy and sacred in birth and holds that space first and foremost. The way she is willing to customize services is a testament to her heart for birthing families - she really provides everything you need and respects what you don't.
I can't say enough good about Jacque. If you're in her range of service and need a doula, choosing her should be a no-brainer."


Cesarean Birth, Mama of 1

Casper WY, March 2022

"Jacqueline was an absolute asset on our birth team. She led us every step of the way and was always willing to answer questions. We ended up having to have a cesarean birth, but Jacqueline was right there with us in every step, including taking some memorable photos. She was also incredibly helpful with the postpartum period as we adjusted to life with a newborn. She was specifically helpful with breastfeeding. We highly recommend Jacqueline for anyone who wants the incredible help of a doula during their birth."

Unmedicated Hospital Birth, Mama of 1
Laramie WY, March 2022

"You only get to labor once and I felt strongly that that experience was going to lay the groundwork for the relationship I would develop with my newborn.

I initially sought a doula as a way to seek a positive birth experience and that’s exactly what I got in Jacque. I wanted to have a birth experience where I felt confident, knowledgeable, and supported. Jacque did an amazing job of providing me with educational resources matched with emotional and physical support during labor. I look back on my birth experience, the birth of my son, and I feel powerful. I feel happy. I think that hiring a doula was the best decision my husband and I made to ensure that we both felt as confident as possible going into this new phase of our lives.


Jacque supported and educated us from pregnancy through labor and into postpartum. Words can’t describe how influential she was in helping us during this major transition in our lives."

Cesarean Births, Mama of 2
Silverdale, WA 2019 & Franklin VA, 2021

"Jacqueline has unbelievable knowledge in all things pregnancy, labor prep, labor, cesareans, breastfeeding, and postpartum care.  I truly appreciated her passion for continually educating herself and empowering moms-to-be.  Jacqueline’s expertise, advice, and support made my entire pregnancy so much smoother especially as a military spouse with a deployed husband at times.

I highly recommend Jacqueline as a Doula!"

Unassisted Home Birth, Mama of 2
Cheyenne WY, July 2023

Hmm… where to even begin, Jacque is the most amazing, heartfelt and understanding person when it came to my pregnancy and my home birth. She stood by my side and never doubted me once. I had a cesarean back in 2020 and everyone kept telling me how I couldn’t go into labor on my own or I couldn’t have a home birth or I would be prone to being induced or having another c-section, I felt like I wasn’t being heard as a mom or as a pregnant woman who just wanted to have her VBAC/TOLAC. I’m so happy I had Jacque by my side as my doula through the end of my pregnancy and for my birth she listened to me and she understood me. My home birth was the most amazing experience (it was rough) but once my son was delivered it felt like me, Jacque, and my husband had this huge accomplishment. She made me feel so comfortable during labor <3. Truly it was an amazing labor and delivery and if I were to have another kid I would be doing it all over again with Jacque!

Hospital Birth with Epidural, Mama of 1
Cheyenne WY, July 2022

Jacqueline is everything I could have asked for in a doula.  I was treated so well and she respected every decision I made throughout pregnancy and during the birth of my daughter.  Even if I don't feel like I "need" a doula in my next pregnancy, I will 100% hire Jacqueline again - she is just that good.  She is worth every penny and more.

Unmedicated Hospital Birth, Mama of 1
Laramie WY, November 2022

I just had my first baby at Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie and had Jacqueline George as my doula through my pregnancy and birthing experience.

At first, I was very disappointed and worried because I could not find a midwife to attend a home birth in my area, which was further complicated by the fact that we were moving in the middle of my pregnancy. It became apparent to me that the home-birth experience of my dreams was just not going to come together. So I started looking at the somewhat limited options for the southern Wyoming area for natural birthing. I found Jacque on Google and she helped me figure out some possibilities even before I was a client! She truly cares about what she does and just wants to help women have the birthing experiences they are looking for.

My husband and I decided the best option for us would be a birth at the local hospital and I wanted support from someone who was more open-minded to the natural/physiological birth experience while we were there. So we chose to have Jacque attend our first son's birth at the local hospital.

Wowowowowow, what an experience it was! I got to have a natural birth with no drugs and no interventions (except lidocaine for a couple of stitches afterward - which I was very grateful for!). Jacque helped make sure my birth preferences were respected and she helped me stand up for the birth I wanted and she held space for me as I stated my preferences while I was in labor at the hospital.

People talk about the transformation that takes place in a woman during the birth of her children, but this whole year has been one giant transformation in so many ways. Jacque was there to support me through it all. Whenever I had random questions about the changes that were happening in my body or things I didn't quite have a full grasp on from articles and books I was reading, or from my pre-natal appointments, Jacque was there for me to text or call or email and she was always willing to provide more info for me to read, personal anecdotes, and references. I am so very grateful to have had her support and someone I could go to to ask for practical down-to-earth advice from and bounce ideas off of. She totally influenced my confidence level and helped me gain knowledge and power as my baby grew closer to his arrival!

Jacque was always welcoming of any questions and willing to hear my thoughts on things and help me process the doubts and fears I had in preparation for my son's birth. My transformation truly was a full metamorphosis from someone who felt fearful, uneducated, and trapped into having a hospital birth, to someone who was armed with knowledge, confident, empowered and ready to birth a baby naturally and freely in a hospital setting. I never would have predicted my first birth to be so free and smooth at a hospital and I couldn't have done it without Jacque's help and support. Conquering this experience over the past 10 months has made me feel ready to step up to my new role as a mother of our first child and I'm so very grateful to have this experience with me forever. Jacque even encapsulated my placenta for me and made a little keepsake out of the umbilical cord too!

I would totally recommend Jacque to anyone who would like support through their pregnancy no matter what kind of birth you are envisioning. Thank you, Jacque, I cannot thank you enough! You helped our little family have the best birthing experience I could have hoped for!

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