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Riding The Horse Backward: The Spiritual Role of Breech Babies

You may have heard the term "riding the horse backward" to describe someone who does things a little differently. Marches to the beat of their own drum. Follows a road less traveled. Recently, I listened to a lecture by the wise and wonderful Whapio where she described a placenta reading she did for a baby girl who was breech. During the reading, Whapio describes having an epiphanic moment in which she cried out, "this baby rides the horse backward, just like her father!" It turns out that the baby's father, unbeknownst to Whapio, had also been born breech. She said that this reading and this realization forever changed the way she viewed and attended breech births.

What does Whapio believe we can learn from these special babies? What can we surmise from their choice to be born "walking," as she says?

Here are a few takeaways for your consideration:

•Most of us travel forward through life so we can see where we are going.

We leave our past behind us as we pursue the journey ahead.

•Breech babies have their finger on the pulse of where we collectively have been and who we are right now. They are the keepers of our history.

•Because these babies are keepers of the past, they can see and draw upon alternate endings. What does this mean? It means that not only can they see where we've been, but they have the potential to heal where we've been and, therefore, where we are going.

Babies in the womb are in the altered state of delta. They are tapped into the unconscious, a deeper and truer knowing. Many parents and birth keepers have described babies who were born looking "so wise." This is why - delta. Babies are inherently wise because they interface with the collective unconscious in utero.

So, perhaps these breech babies, these backward riders, are born this way not only due to physical necessity, but because it is their destiny to remind us of our history as humans and safeguard our memories. They trust the horse they're riding to take them in the right direction.

Something to consider the next time someone says that breech is a complication...

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