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Finding Power in Struggle & Peace in Rest

When we burn, we grow. When we rest, we integrate. It is a beautiful, nuanced dance between expansion and reflection, between energy and calm. Without the alchemy that occurs in that inner place where our water meets our fire, none of this magic can happen.

There is a reason our solar plexus chakra (Manipura) sits right on top of our sacral chakra (Svadisthana). Our sacral chakra is the seat of our fluidity, resting in the pelvis at the level of the sacral prominence. Within its waters, our creativity, emotions & sexuality flourish. Our subconscious resides in its depths, our dreams, our fears, our desires…

Our solar plexus chakra holds the embers of our inner fire. When you feel strong emotions - anger, fear, sadness, excitement - that roller coaster drop in the pit of your stomach is your Manipura. The place of confidence, power, and control. Our drive and motivation are reborn in its flames a thousand times over.

What happens within us when water meets fire? Steam, sublimation, transcendence. In our bodies, this energy literally rises to the place behind our sternum, nestled in our rib cage. Anahata. The heart chakra. The literal bridge between the physical self and the higher self as well as the universal consciousness. Through the meeting of fire and water, we discover and nurture the capacity for unconditional love. First for ourselves, then directed outward toward the world.

Take time to find that balance, to nurture both the quiet and the storm. Take ease, but never fear the act of doing hard things. When we climb the mountain, when we walk through the fire, that is where we create the energy that spurs change. And in the rest that follows, the flames are calmed by our inner waters and the result is simply sublime.

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